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I have been actively involved in both teaching and supervision since the start of my doctoral studies in 2008, and since I graduated in 2014 I have been heavily involved in curriculum design as well.

In terms of formal pedagogical training I have completed the basic study module of (25 ECTS) in University Pedagogy as well as 60 ECTS in adult education pedagogy (Full formal teacher qualification) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki.

Below is a summary of my main teaching engagements at Hanken School of Ecomomics, please ask for my teaching portfolio for a fuller description of my duties, methods and outcomes.

Informatics – theoretical part (Code 1136-1)

3 ECTS. Information Systems Science. Compulsory Basic Course. 150-180 participants. 4 week duration. Language: Swedish

2009-2012, 2014         Assisting teacher

2013, 2015-2020         Main teacher

2546 Computer Programming (6 ECTS)

2017-2020                    Main teacher

Project Management (Code 2558)

8 ECTS. Information Systems Science. Bachelor Level. 50-60 course participants. 8 week duration. Language: English

2012-2020                   Main teacher

Management information systems (Code 2572)

8 ECTS. Information Systems Science. Advanced Studies. 12-15 course participants. 8 week duration. Language: English

2013                            Assisting teacher

2014, 2016                  Main teacher